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ADVICE: Power of Attorney and advance NIE help secure Spanish property bargains

Many of our buyers from long haul countries in the Middle East, Far East and South America etc have missed out on some of the bargains they have spotted on the internet because delays with visas and other paperwork meant the property had been sold when the would-be buyer arrived in Spain. A growing number of long-haul and other foreign buyers are now organising required paperwork well in advance so they can secure their chosen bargain with more certainty.

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Some have decided they need help on the ground in Spain when they are unable to travel to obtain the legally required NIE numberr and have been happy with the services of Spanish Law, a firm of abogados with offices in Madrid, Alicante and Malaga. They provide Power of Attorney services for an NIE number and all aspects of property purchase, conveyancing and Registration. Their NIE service includes:

  • Filling out of application forms.
  • Submitting of applications with required documents in nearest National Police Station.
  • Collection of the number/certificate(s) when ready.
  • Forwarding of the document to the client by registered post to your home or your Spanish bank branch.

We have blank official forms you can complete yourself and return for processing; OR use as a checker for all the information required and just sign the blank and return. For us or your Spanish solicitor to complete your application form, please supply the following:

  • Applicant surname(s)
  • Applicant first name(s)
  • Full mailing address with postcode
  • Passport-style photos of each applicant;
  • Passport number + copy or scan of passport with application
  • Place of birth
  • Nationality
  • Marital status
  • Father’s full name
  • Mother’s full name.

With the above data, Spanish Law will prepare a power of attorney draft for the applicant(s), which the applicant must have legalised in their home country along with a copy of their passport. Once we or Spanish Law receive the legalised (notarised) PoA and passport information, we can submit the applications and obtain the NIE number in 1 to 3 weeks.

An estimate of fees, disbursements and costs incurred in provision of NIE will be provided and should be paid in advance. Fees for power of attorney, property acquisition and conveyancing can be agreed in advance with your chosen legal representative.

You can now get your NIE number online for only EUR 169.00. Click here >

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