Spanish Mortgages

Spanish Mortgages with 100%, no deposit deals at 1.50% interest

Spanish Mortgages with 100%, no deposit deals at EURIBOR + 1.50% interest – Mortgage 100 offers the lowest variable rate for a long time. These mortgages are available on new and resale bargain property across Spain.
With our exclusive Mortgage 100 Purchase Management Service you can choose from 1,000s of brand-new, key ready villas and apartments on all your favourite Costas. There are great bargains among banks’ repossessions where peak to present prices are also between 25%-44% lower.

We can assist with Spanish mortgages from local banks, provide committed property professional support when viewing in Spain and negotiate your property offer and 100% mortgage terms. It’s the most comprehensive service in Spain that avoids the red tape and manana delays, organises required paperwork and works totally to ensure our buyers get the property they want on the best possible terms.

Your mortgage application and property search are handled seamlessly – and you can gain a Spanish mortgage pre-approval quickly. This provides more certainty on your budget when viewing property in Spain and gets you on the inside track to buy your place in the sun. It can help to reduce total acquisition costs.

Check out how Mortgage 100 Purchase Management>> complete the inquiry form with the article…then we can help you to secure a better deal on your property and mortgage.

Be Purchase Ready
Spanish banks have low interest mortgages with advances of 60% or 70% on their own properties; just one bank has 100% mortgages for all new and resale properties it controls. Your property choice relates directly to the mortgage you wish to take up and the terms we negotiate on your behalf.

  • If you want a no deposit purchase it will be from the last Spanish bank offering 100% loans with 1.98% apr var interest rate.
  • If you have a useful deposit, the choice is wider and we can pinpoint the deals that provide a Best Match loan/property.

But the best deals may have been snapped up by cash buyers and others who are Purchase Ready with a pre-approved mortgage and all the paperwork in order. This is what you need to organize and send to us for a pre-approval mortgage that will get you on the inside track for the best deals:

Copy of Passport
Copies of at least your last 3 months’ salary slips.
Copies of annual Tax Authority Forms (i.e. P 60’s in UK. or similar)
Credit Report (through Experian or Equifax)
N.I.E. Certificate (fiscal ID – we’ll help you obtain this)

Self Employed:
Copy of Passport
N.I.E. Certificate (fiscal ID we’ll help you obtain this)
Copy of profit & loss accounts and balance sheets for at last 2 years
Letter from Accountants confirming that all figures are correct and that all tax liabilities are fully paid-up
Credit Report (through Experian or Equifax)

Copy of Passport
N.I.E. Certificate (fiscal ID – we’ll help you obtain this)
A letter from the company paying the pension, indicating the annual income paid to the pensioner
Copies of annual Tax Authority Forms (i.e. P 60’s in U.K. or similar)

Learn about Mortgage 100 Purchase Management >>

Contact us today – Our Purchase Management team can help you to secure your property and your choice of a 60% to 100% mortgage on better terms. Mortgage inquiries to hola@walkerspain,com


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