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Yahoo! News article on Walker Property Development, Intempo Tower sparks solution offers

An article released on Friday by Yahoo! News covering the ongoing problems with the development progress at InTempo Tower in Benidorm has resulted in a surge of US-based web traffic at Walker Property Spain, ranked by Google as the number source for “Intempo Tower apartments” after we started a pre-launch marketing drive last month.

Messages poured in, many suggesting solutions to ‘the elevator hitch’ from readers who are scratching their heads over why a 47-storey apartment building has an elevator reaching only to the 20th floor, as revealed in the Yahoo frontpage story.

“Why not build an outside elevator where it opens at the end of hallways at each level?” said one message. “I have a solution to your elevator problem. Contact me if you are interested” said another.

“It’s only 40 odd floors. If they put a McDonalds on the top floor it suddenly wouldn’t be a problem”, said one poster.

“No elevator, but they have defibrillators on each floor.” – suggested one wit.

“…with an oxygen station every five floors.” was another life-saver solution posted on Yahoo News.

The story went around the world over the weekend with newspaper, TV and radio coverage. “CBS This Morning” reports builders of a 47-story apartment building in Spain, have run into an escalating problem – there’s no room for an elevator.

A spokesman at Walker Spain’s London Office was quoted in the article by Yahoo! News as saying: “In the light of the other problems that have been overcome at InTempo, we would be confident that a solution can be found”.

InTempo Tower is 95% completed, but after the developer and funding bank went bust, the development been placed with Sareb, Spain’s “Bad Bank” for toxic real estate owned by the Spanish Government and leading banking groups, for whom Walker Property Spain are international brokers. Scores of reservations were made when the developer offered apartments off-plan before and during construction.

Would-be buyers can currently register interest with Walker Property Spain, pending a solution to the elevator problem and completion of the project in 2014.

You can view more information on the luxurious InTempo Tower here.

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